DAILY NEWS – How To Balance God and Life


How To Balance God And Life 


@8:48 pm


As the pictures depicts, I am driving for Uber and have a membership for Planet Fitness. I did not show my two books that I am writing or me studying the Bible. 

Just recently I started back driving for Uber Eats. I stopped after I got a steady income. 

Before that I was ‘saying that I was spending my days in prayer’.  I would wake up and read or study or listen to the Word being delivered by other preachers, teachers, pastors, or prophets via YouTube or their personal apps. 

I considered myself busy. BUT WAS I REALLY?

I wasn’t really being productive in society. I was cooped up inside my apartment living in my own world. Not delivering the gospel to anyone.   Not really being productive naturally or spiritually. 

For instance, right now:

  1. I have a freelancer waiting for me to give them the go ahead after I find a host my first website. 
  2. A freelancer is waiting for me to give them the go ahead for my second website. 
  3. I have to create a new logo
  4. I have to purchase a new domain name 
  5. I need to clear payments for 2 outsourced jobs. 

So, I have managed to receive all of this within the last 24 hours. What have I been doing? Brainstorming, thinking, and researching. Two projects were completed, 2 more pending, and 3 more created all within the last 24 hours. As things were coming to a close and into completion, other things became ready. 

How did I get like this?

Well I now realized I started 2 projects around the same time that although they had different amount of days and times for completion they ended at the same time. I have definitely learned that the hard way; pay attention to end times!

So how have I managed to get these done?

All while driving for Uber Eats tonight, I started about 7 pm and it is now 6:09 am. 

  1. I drove until about 2 am. While waiting on orders to be prepared I was online doing my business. I was posting to social media and reading blogs for my next project. 
  2. I was posting and replying to followers on social media. Interacting with followers and those I follow. 
  3. I was also writing content for my blog, like this, while I waited. 
  4. I arrived at the gym around 2 am and chose to listen to free videos on Facebook and YouTube about my next project. My workouts generally last about 2 hours and it is close to my home. I got some good listening time in. 
  5. I started back driving about 4 am to realize that my chosen freelancers were ready and waiting for me. One is already paid and the other is waiting for payment to start their next task. 

So, again, how do I do it? 

My final answer and cheat tip is STARBUCKS.  Yesterday was buy one get one so I bought a venti Caramel Crunch with a shot and got a free grande pumpkin spice iced coffee. I am not tired and still wanting to drive more but I have to respond and stay on track with my businesses. 

I thank God for the strength and ability to get these things done. He has definitely given me the strength and power to get wealth and I will not waste it.