DAILY NEWS – The Name Of Jesus


The Name of Jesus. I know many people who believe that the name Jesus has power. I am one o them. However, we also use it as a crutch or a way out of things when our backs are against the wall. I am not saying this is bad, but it is like we are pimping the weight of the name. We are suppose to use it to help others whose faith may not be as strong as ours. Also, to help those who cannot help themselves.

Instead, myself included, have often used it for personal reasons.

Is it selfish or wrong?

Does it still work when are motives are self-centered? Sure.

Calling on the name of Jesus as a believer has many benefits, for ourselves, and others. I am sure that we are quite acquainted with our personal use so let’s see how we can call on this name, Jesus, to set people free!

Diseases and sicknesses have names. Any medical diagnosis be it mentally or physically, emotionally or socially. They all have names and do not belong in you or around you. Psychological, biological or another -ological.


They have to bow to the Name of Jesus.

Philippians 2:10 – That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.

Wow! This means EVERY KNEE. Does angel have knees? They occupy heaven so…. The things in earth; human ands animal. Things under the earth; dead or alive. Everything surrounding us whether it be natural or spiritual, it is subject to the name of Jesus.

Did you realize that diseases and sicknesses, our way of life and family and work situations have names? Notice that when a persons blood pressure elevates for to long over a while, the doctor can test your blood and tell if you have High Blood Pressure. Well, High Blood Pressure is a name of something that goes against what the name of Jesus stands for. Therefore, it has to bow.

Bowing means to be brought low. We can see that in High Blood Pressure, it needs to be brought low, naturally which is physically and spiritually. I used the term High Blood Pressure but replace that condition with whatever seems to be the problem.

Do not deny that the problem exists because clearly you have a medical diagnosis. Some religious people deny what their body is speaking to them and thus refuse to acknowledge their situation or crisis, and cause them more harm than their body initially intended. Refusing to accept what has been spoken over you or considering and evaluating your life does not make something go away. Consider the medicine or treatments believing that the name of Jesus that you are speaking to the condition, will heal you faster and take less time.

Whatever has been spoken over you speak the opposite with the name of Jesus over it. Continue to identify the situation and counteract it with the name Jesus. ex: cancer, I command you to leave this body in Jesus name. High BP you have to leave in Jesus name.

Speak life over yourself. ex: I am whole because I believe on the name of Jesus.

Sounds foolish right. OK. But who is listening to you? You are proclaiming life and good health over yourself. If someone thinks that you are crazy, so what. When your healing has made you well, they will catch on become a believer in the name of Jesus, themselves.

Some people run into unbelief with seeing results because they do not call what has been spoken over them by name, and therefore it does not respond. Call it by the name that it masks (looks like, acts like, talks like ands walks like) and with all the power and authority in your spirit, command it to bow in Jesus name.

When we want to get the attention of someone or to identify something in a conversation, we call it by name. Therefore identify your situation, relationship, problem and tell it to disappear, leave, dry up, and leave I the name of Jesus.

This takes no energy, just simply speaking to that broken marriage, unruly child, medical condition, death, car problems, hunger, poverty, being broke, and loneliness. Whatever the name is just know at the mentioning of the name of Jesus that thing should bow.

Never doubt that it is not working because we know that there is power in the name of Jesus. Just continue to confess it everyday, repeatedly until you get another report that is better or you began to see positive progress with your headache leaving and your child’s behavior improving.

This may take a moment or be noticed suddenly, just know that as you continue to confess his name that thing has began to bow.

I have kept this post personal because in order to convince others, we have to first believe it ourselves. Now all the energy and belief that you have received from this post go and apply it to those who have situations and conditions around you.

Our faith is on different levels and this requires that we help each other out.

Jesus loves us and wants all of healed and whole. Let us show His love through us and began to speak life to those we know who are suffering.

Believe it yourself and watch the NAME OF JESUS bring healing and deliverance from problems into your life and others.

Tell me something that bowed when you spoke the name of Jesus.