The Devil Is Small

Dream. Angel Appeared in My Room


@8:43 pm

I asked God today why did it take me 7 months to understand the angel that appeared unto me in my room.

In January, I had a dream of a little angel appearing at the foot of my bed in the entrance of my closet. The angel then moved to my side of the bed next to me.

I woke up from the dream and scooted to the top of my bed saying I am not afraid, I am not afraid. I was saying this because in the Bible when angels appeared they said fear not so the first thought and words from me were what were written.

The angel did not speak and since then I felt like something left me. Like my visions went away. I stopped seeing angels everywhere. I used to see them almost daily. It was normal for me to see them and abnormal if I did not.

Since that dream in January 2019, I have only had a few angel appearances. Yes, I know they are there always but their manifestation is what I’m talking about. I never lost them being around, but for months I could not see them. I attributed that to that experience in January 2019.

This morning, Prophet Uebert Angel spoke about the enemy and how he can do nothing to us. He took us the verses in Isaiah 14:15-16.

Summarized, it says that will squint to see the devil and then ask ourselves is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms.

The devil is extremely small and we will squint to see him. Not only that but Prophet Uebert Angel drove into us what Jesus did for us on the cross. He took us to Colossians 2:15 and Hebrews 2:14.

At this moment, shortly before typing this I have realized what visited me that night in January 2019. He was a short man. I kept asking God why did he look different from all the other angels. I have seen angels; he looked different. His presence was different and I did not associate it with any other angelic visitation or manifestation. I knew something was different.

Finally, I have my answer. That angel was the enemy. Satan is locked up in chains. I know that, we know that, I believe that. But I saw this and it was real.

Many men and women have been visited and awaken to that. I never thought I would be me.

Again, I asked God, why did it take so long for me to get an understanding, to be enlightened about this appearance and visitation. I had to get a un understanding. I had to get it preached to me. I had to get the scripture for it. I NEEDED THE WORD. Prophet Uebert Angel was the one God sent to me to hear it through. I am forever grateful.

*how can we hear without a preacher: Romans 10:14-15. Yes, this scripture context is what people use for calling on the name of the Lord and being saved. I called on God and He saved me. I believe that I am in context with this scripture.

*Faith comes by hearing, hearing the Word of God: Romans 10:17. My faith was knowing that this was real and spiritual. I trusted God for the answers that I looked for. Now that I have heard the scripture and read it for myself, I have a firm foundation and something to stand on.

Hearing scripture through the prophet and reading the scripture for myself. I have not remembered the scripture in my head but it entered into my spirit and filled the void that I was seeking to fill. That scripture located a question that I had asked God about. That scripture has not returned unto God void because it surely completed what it was sent to do. That scripture answered an answer for me and delivered me through knowledge of the Word which is more knowledge of and about Jesus Christ. Isaiah wrote of the description of the enemy for such a time as I would need, this day, his future my present, 2019.

I did have another dream, last night, about this same enemy standing in my living room – then it was real and I was standing there, knowing something was there.

But one thing I know-I will never have to fight them. Why? Because Jesus already defeated them. Defeated an enemy that is already defeated is foolish. The first time I quoted scripture. That’s all I knew. This time I still knew scripture but more scripture-Ephesians 6, that says to put on the full armor of God and to just stand there. In my dream last night that is what I did. I paced my floor, pointing my finger, knowing something was there but was now gone.

That dream last night, I did not even wake up. My sleep was not disturbed. I handled it in my dream and took no thought about it today when I woke up.

I give no space to the enemy – in when I sleep.

This is the importance of having the word in you, in your spirit, not just memorized in your head, which is your flesh.

Either way, Jesus already defeated the enemy and I would look like a fool trying to fight him again.