DAILY NEWS – Christ In You

Christ in You

Acts 9:34 – And Peter said unto him, Aeneas, Jesus Christ makes you whole: arise, and make your bed. And he arose immediately.

This scripture starts with the word AND, so take some time to read above this verse and learn the story. We learned earlier about the name of Jesus in another DAILY NEWS post titled The Name of Jesus and this is prime example of every knee bowing. This man was incomplete and was bound to this bed for 8 years because he was sick of the palsy. One side was weak and feeble according to the greek translation of the word palsy.

Peter called him by name. He got his attention, basically. He then gave all the credit to Jesus Christ. He said the name Jesus Christ and said what that name does. Makes means to do something by force. Jesus Christ made this man whole.

This man was then told to make up his bed. What a gesture. Making up a bed means that you are not coming right back to it. When we make our beds in the morning we know that we will not be returning to it no time soon. This man would never return to his bed in that old state.

According to their culture their bed was sometimes in the area where everyone was. Every morning they removed their beds and started their day. This man may have been laying around all day for all to see when they visited his house. How embarrassing.

But God sent Peter. Peter never touched him or anointed him with oil or said a prayer over him; no. All he did was mention the name Jesus Christ and gave the man a command. What makes you any different from Peter. Nothing if you are a believer of Jesus Christ. Remember, before Jesus died, he told his disciples that whoever believes in his name will cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead. It’s just that simple.

And he rose immediately. Just know that that name carries immediate results.

Christ in you may be dormant. He may be in you screaming to be spoken to or to speak to someone. You may think or even say that Peter was a disciple. Well guess what, we are believers just like him. We have chosen to believe in Jesus Christ therefore making us a believer and follower like Peter was.

When you see someone sick or ill or having a bad day, just smile and speak to that force that is weighing them down. That force needs to bow! No need to pray and get permission from God, he already gave it to us when we believed on his Son.

This may be a fellow christian as well. They may need the Christ in them awakened. Like Mary. Showed up tp Elizabeth and John leaped in her belly, so will their spirit leap inside of them and cause them to wake up, get up and put that problem behind them.

If the Christ in you needs to be awakened, get around someone who operates boldly and start to mimic the Christ in them. You don’t need anyone to lay hands on you or to pray for you. You already did the only requirement.

If your faith is strong believe right now that Christ in you has awakened because you are a believer and have read this post and increased your faith and Christ in you.


The picture for this post is a cartoon image of me. I needed to learn myself that Jesus Christ is inside of me and putting me back together.
I could not do it by myself. As He has healed and put me back to gather I eagerly go and do the same for others. It is exciting to see Him ion other peoples lives as He is in mine.

I truly relate to this picture of me and know that I am a work in progress. Thank You, Jesus Christ.

Can you remember a time when you were awakened or awakened someone else?

Can you think of someone that needs to be awakened, now?