To Our Partners and Supporters

The P.R.A.Y. Devotional – Pray. Read. Accept. Yield.

Partnering With Us

Becoming a partner and/or supporter allows us to distribute The P.R.A.Y. Devotional for free to all who receive through printing, eBooks, and/or in PDF format. We are so thankful for your consideration.


$20 for Printing and Distribution


Donations: Thank you for your donation of any amount.



Partnership is a covenant relationship that we do not take lightly. It is a commitment that ensures we are able to communicate and distribute The P.R.A.Y. Devotional to the utmost parts of the world.

Partnering is not a one-time payment. It a continual agreement, growing and thriving, where all involved reap the benefits promised to us as we come together and spread the Gospel of Christ to further the Kingdom.

Through partnering with us, you will stand out as someone focused and committed to ensuring that the Gospel is spread. You are showing the world that you believe in the vision of The P.R.A.Y. Devotional and the revelation that it carries around the world.


We are most grateful for our relationship with our pillars of supporters and friends of the ministry. This is the beginning of various communication methods that will go a long way in helping us provide the Word of God.

As supporters, you have the revelation of the possibilities that The P.R.A.Y. Devotional is capable of. Through your help and prayers people around the world are being tremendously blessed and transformed as they read and hear the words of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for joining this movement to educate as many as we can about the importance of praying. Let us fulfill the desire of God in believing in His Word – That Men Should Always Pray (Luke 18:1). We are no longer under the law where we have to assemble in a certain place or gather with priests to be heard. We are under the new covenant of grace through Jesus Christ our Savior. How wonderful is He to give us this grace for FREE.

Together, me, you, partners, and supporters, are impacting the world and accomplishing what is required of us to go and preach to all the world the glory of God. Never forget that there is power in many. As we grow as a ministry, so will you.

Thank you again for considering to partner and/or support us by sowing into this ministry.


Thank you for your donation of any amount.