My oils came about because I am a believer in oils and aromas. I use different oils for my skin and hair and wanted something for my inner self. There are many essential oils for multiple use but the idea of adding moisture and beautiful aromas into my atmosphere is why these were created. As I create an atmosphere around me with pleasant smells, moisture is also added. My oils can be added to any warmer because they are heating oils but you want to know how I use mine:

I add my oils to a diffuser to receive them with moisture. I see my oils as warm and soothing. Through a diffuser they will add the needed scent and moisture, creating an atmosphere of fellowship; with Self, Friends, or through YOUR Spirituality. Enjoy!!

My oils can be purchased directly from me. Follow this link.

The above link will take you to my Cash App ($alwonza). In the optional note / – for: – section include your name and address and I will mail them out to you.

My oils come in 2 scents. I do have a no scent/plain oil available. The no scent oil can be used with any other scented oils to create a scent that is strictly yours.


 #1 - Favor. This scent is Serenity and smells sweet. 
 Serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. 
 Favor is support, approval, and kindness.
 Together, they speak distinction in whatever you do. 
  ex: School - Mind. Tests. Focus. Valedictorian 
      Work - Promotion. Recognition. 
      Marriage - unnoticed to noticed. Attention. 
      For cooking. For Cleaning. For Communication. 
      To be acknowledged and appreciated. 
#2 - Healing.  This scent is a combination of Lemonade and Peach which brings forth a citrus aroma.
 Lemonade - A combination of lemon juice and sweet water.
 Peach - Juicy, meaning overflowing and abundance.
 Together, they bring forth a perfect balance of sweetness that 
  ex: Pain free joints. 
      Skin - For rashes. For Eczema. For Dry and Oily skin.   
      For bone health. 
      Belly for pains.  
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