DAILY NEWS – Submit, Resist, And He Will Flee


Submit and Resist and he will Flee

James 4:7

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  

Oh!  What a mouth full.  First, there is always a first; a beginning.  We see that we have to submit ourselves to God.  Before you even get to the devil you have to had already submitted to God.  The verse before this mentions God giving grace to the  humble so, first, stand strong in knowing what God has done for you.  

Submission to God means to acknowledge Him in your life.  Begin to thank Him for what He is already doing in your life.  Acknowledge Him for what He has already done.  You have probably been doing this already and by doing so you have gotten the devils attention.  

So, continue to stand strong in God.  Next, resist the devil.  As the devil reminds you of your past mistakes and failures, do not go back to them. The devil cannot force you to do anything.  If you have stopped doing something or given up bad habits, do not go back to them when the the devil confronts you with them.  All he will do is place them before you in your mind and eyesight and all you have to do is focus on remembering what God is and has already been doing in your life.  

Finally, as you resist the devil he turns and runs from you.  He does not just walk away but he runs way.  Why? Because he knows that the only way and reason that you are able to not give in is because you have submitted yourself to God.  Once he realizes this he RUNS away.

Why would the devil runaway? Because he remembers what Jesus did to him before.  Jesus, spoiled everything he had by destroying it; crushing it.  He then gathered all the people and spirits around to see a public display of humiliation to him.  Yes, Jesus publicly humiliated the devil and all his workers in his kingdom.  Then, not only that, Jesus stripped the devil of his clothes!  This is what happens to kings when they are defeated, and given mercy.  They are humiliated but they keep their lives.  Although they have their lives, everyone knows that they were defeated and basically become a laughing example for what happens when you go against a stronger kingdom.  

You can find this information throughout the bible but also summed up in the New Testament in Colossians 2:15.

So remember, you just hold fast on thinking about God and the devil will run away from you like a dog with his tail tucked.  

I love you and Jesus does, too.  

Can you think of a time you ever stood on God and your life got better?