Why I Went AWOL – God Told Me To

This photo is the flight deck of the ship that I was stationed to.  I was standing on this platform when I saw the vision of the man jumping ship.


Me again with one foot in and the other one out. (not sure who the guy is)

Why I went AWOL – God told me to.

I was in the Navy and went to work like any other day.  Got there early and found my way to the flight deck.  It was the end of June, so we would all gather outside on the top of the ship; the part where helicopters landed.  As we were lining up I saw out of the right corner of my eye a man jumping ship.  It was so real that I told my friend in front of me. I said, “I just saw a man jump.”

Yes, she believed me. At this time in my life I was seeing things and hearing things and learning, Jesus.  I didn’t know much about visions (opened or closed) or the prophetic. I wasn’t being taught by anyone because we spent so much time on the ship.  My basic time with Jesus was reading and praying and fasting.  As I was seeing things and hearing voices I just believed them.  So, when I saw that man jump over ship in the spirit I wondered what it meant.  Below, I share one day from my journal about how it came to be, me, going AWOL.

6/30/2016@0425. Thursday


Jump ship means to run. Amen. Run from whom? The ship? I was talking to my friend. Amen when the Lord spoke it and showed me the vision amen. @0426


Lord send me I’ll go, draw me I’ll come.

Draw me: call me. Yes Lord. Amen.

Call me to what Jesus: 


Amen. I do not answer God fast enough. Amen 


The Lord is my covering. Amen. He is my protection. He is my shepherd. Psalm 23

Song. Safe in his arms. Milton @0445 


What honors the Lord the most. Amen.



Run as fast as I can to evangelizing amen.  God will cover me. Protect me. Lord. Where do I send your people?

Lord I just ask that you never leave. No Lord. You have never left me. Yes Lord. Send me I will go. I will run. Amen.

My name is Alwonza I AM. Thank You Jesus 


God called me a nomad. Amen.

Nomad: having no permanent abode. Amen

Travel from place to place to find fresh pasture; does not stay long in the same place. A wanderer. (Dictionary.com)

The Lord gave me this word for the first-time last night. I thought it was something bad amen. As the world has trained me to perceive. Amen. But the Lord is using it for the good. Amen. @0514 


While typing about nomad the Lord told me what jumping ship meant. Amen. To go AWOL

End of journal entry.

I wake up to pray before work and the Lord speaks to me about what He said the day before.  As He speaks I write and ask questions.  30 minutes later I have another Word – AWOL.

4:25 am – I gave the vision back to the Lord.

4:28 am – Before I heard from God I had agreed to run.

4:41 am – The Lord speaks Psalm 23 to me.  He is my covering, protection, shepherd.

He sings to me the song by Reverend Milton Brunson – Safe in His arms.

4:46 am – He speaks to me the word- OBEDIENCE

4:49 am – This journey will be me evangelizing as fast as I can.  I encourage myself by speaking God will cover me and protect me.  I build my faith for this moment.  I then turn and ask God not to leave me which is something that He said He would never do.  My faith wavered.  God spoke to me and I answered Him by saying, “No Lord……” – He asked me has He ever left me?  Then He asks me will I go, and I say, “Yes, Lord….I will  run.

He gives me His surname – I AM.  Alwonza I AM.

5:11 am – After He called me He then describes me.  Calling me a nomad basically describes my  journey; my path.  As a nomad I would have no place to sleep or stay.

5:15 am – In the middle of writing my understanding down the Lord continued to speak.  It was at this moment that I had fully accepted and believed and was convinced and begin to think about it.

I thought about it often. This was June 30, 2016 and my first day, the day that I did not show up to work was on July 27, 2016.  27 days later.

Day 1.

7/27/2016. Wednesday.


I am pulling away from my first apartment. Alone. On the strength of the Lord amen. In faith. Not looking back amen. This is the freedom that I have been waiting for. Looking for. The joy that I have been waiting for amen.

Song. This is freedom by Tasha Cobbs amen. Is playing while I pull away. Perfect timing amen. Thank You Jesus. Lord I love you and am ready amen. This is the freedom of the Lord. Amen.@1036

End of journal entry. 

During these 27 days I wavered.  I took leave but then went back to work.  I told my friend; only one person.  I gave away everything in my apartment.  I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor in my apartment.

I waited, patiently for the Lord to speak.  I had to hear Him perfectly.  He spoke. I froze.  I got scared.  I panicked. I was anxious.  I was nervous.  I disobeyed.  Yes, after all that preparation I still did not move when He said to move.  Not moving was me not going in to work.  What I was feeling was new.  I had never felt that way before.  I am not perfect, I had disobeyed before and did not feel like this. I couldn’t shake it.

I was at work and my boss came to me and asked me, “why are you here?”  I just stood there. He did not even ask or wait for me to reply.  He just looked at me and then walked away.  Next, I saw his boss and he asked me the same thing.  I was asked why I was there.  I knew it was God.   I had a dream a few nights before that and in the dream my son was telling me dates and talking to me about work.  The dream was coming to pass.

I then made up my mind and followed the new signs that were before me.  I did not move by faith only the first time so this time I was given something to do and a place to be.  I had to be on the road by a certain day to make it to where God was sending me.  This became my confidence.  My motivation.  My foundation.  My will to obey this was greater to me than my will to disobey.  I couldn’t stay home.  I couldn’t go to work anymore.

As I think about how I have been moving in the Lord, He usually gives me a vision or a dream or shows me signs to get me to move.  I move by faith through what I see Him doing and saying.  Yes, saying.  I see His Words, and this helps me with my obedience.  So, I didn’t move on a conversation that I had with God alone, I moved after evidence; a manifestation of what to do next.

I thank God for the way that He speaks to me.

I thank God for meeting me where I am.

I thank God for His patience.

He says that HE speaks twice, three times.  I did not move the first time He spoke, and He gave me another chance according to His Word.

God is Love and He does not want us to fail.

My book; Why I Went AWOL – God Told Me To, is a series book.   At the end of the series is where I am now and how me going AWOL had nothing to do with me but had everything to do with God.

I AM glad that He asked me to go.

The journey was fun.

The video I posted to my social media platforms about this post.  1:24 minutes.

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