Stalemate – I lay down my king; I lose

Stalemate.  It is a term used by chess players.  I am not going to go that deep into explaining chess, but I will say that if you ever hear it, it means that you cannot move any more.

Today, while praying, I heard the Lord say to me, “stalemate.”  I cried a little but then realized a little of what He was saying.  I play chess.  I like chess.  Stalemate to me means to me that I cannot move anymore.  In chess you can run from your opponent, chase him, or let him lose on his own.  Well, God wasn’t chasing me.  I was actively running, nowhere.  Everywhere I ran to He was there.  From the East Coast to the West.  He was there.  Just like a chess board, all the way around and He would find me there.

Now hindsight that was good.

As He spoke this word I was meditating on the scriptures Luke 9:19 and down.  It wasn’t a meditation that I chose; more like one that He chose.  I kept reading it over and over. Soon I was thanking Him.  Whatever came to mind I began to go deeper with.  Then the: STALEMATE.

I began to google the word. I knew it was a chess move as I often refer to God about whose move it is.  We go back and forth like this.  Well, in a stalemate, the game is over.

After I read the google definition I went deeper.  I enquired. I put people into the place of pieces. I placed myself as the king being checked by God.  There was nowhere else for me to move.  What? Nowhere else for me to go?  What was God speaking?  I dried my tears and listened.  I had a vision of the Lord Jesus laying His life down.  No one could take His life, He laid it down.  I then reached out to God, hands open arms outstretched and head raised saying,
“Lord I surrender.  Into your hands I commit my soul,” then I thought about it and changed it to, “spirit.”

After saying those words to God, I had to think about what I was actually saying.  I was like, thinking, like what did I just say…….

Immediately, I thought of Jesus being persecuted.  Luke 9:22 – Son of man must suffer.  As He prayed, Moses and Elijah, came and spoke to Him about His death.  Peter spoke about building three tabernacles.  Luke 9:34-35 – God, the Father, in a cloud overshadowed them and spoke that Jesus is His beloved Son: hear Him.  Even now revelation is pouring in and I know that I must listen to Jesus.

Eye opener – apparently, I wasn’t. Nah!  I was. But I recognize that hearing now will be different.

Stalemate.  Even I f I wanted to run anymore I couldn’t.  Every move I considered was right back into His hands.  So, I laid my king down.  I surrendered.  Totally unto the other team.  The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.  They had won, and I was defeated.

My new life.  Amen.


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