Out With The Old…..

The old. The black Bible on top. I received it on May 23, 2014. It is marked up. Colored. Written in. Pages folded and edges worn. It has seen many countries and places on just as many tables. It has been left, but never forgotten. The pages are tear stained. Crumbs and shedded hair in the creases of some pages. And has a used smell to it. There is no other way to say that my Thompson Chain-Reference Bible will be missed better than describing its condition. I am currently weaning myself from this good thing for another good thing.

My new Hebrew-Greek Kew Word Study Bible is big and heavy. I always thought that I would be downsizing my Bible instead of increasing it. The pages are all white and clean. No color present. New smell to get used to. Smaller margins. I love it.

My old Bible references differently. There were key words or points to follow. I could follow that idea all the way through the Bible just by locating that word or phrase in the margin. The text is continual without anything in between the words. Reading like a book. The print is smaller and more scriptures on the page. I feel like this bible held my hand as I read. Most of the studying was done all I had to do was follow. For identifying the Hebrew Greek Word in its original definition I would have to use my phone or online to look up the meaning; which has become a distraction at times. This version is more of learning how to read the Bible and meditation. Great for learning the scriptures; learning the stories and becoming acclimated with what it says.

My new Bible does not have those words or phrases linked for me. Words are already underlined and the Hebrew Greek number is placed within the text. So while reading I see words and numbers and small letters for references in the back of the Bible. The print is larger and the pages include history of the text. I feel like this Bible makes you seek and search out what the text is really speaking. The Hebrew Greek numbers are listed next to the words and an explanation of the verses are written at the bottom of the page. This Bible has the definitions included in the back of the Bible as well. This definitely takes away of the phone or online distraction. This version is more for studying. It has placed the background information and the context of the scripture easily, and readily at your fingertips. Great for knowing the ‘why’ and understanding it’s concepts.

Both their points chosen to reference are different.

Both can be used to study and meditate.

Both are fundamental because they say the same things.

I do believe that the intentions of the writer are portrayed throughout their writings. My new Bible is intended to study and my old Bible was intended to be used and reference. Each are written in that format.

So why did I get a new Bible? Well, the prophet said so. God confirmed it. I now have a new Bible. I was not seeking God’s confirmation but I was putting it off until the end of the next month. God did not agree as He led me to the Christian book store and led me directly to the book.

The Prophet has been preaching on maturity and growing up. Noting the differences above, to me, clearly allows me to see the differences in where I was and where He wants us to be. So to come up to his level I at least have to read what he read, as he reads it, like he reads it. I want to be equal to my master. I want to be able to do what he does. He is my manifestation of Jesus Christ in this time in my life. I believe him. I agree with him. I obey him. Did I want to. No. But obedience is better than sacrifice. Since having this Bible has opened me up to new questions. I want to know the why. I want to know about the time the Bible was written. I want to know the Word in context. Like most people I want not know the ‘why.’ This new Bible definitely provides this and more at my fingertips.

It was fun and I thought enough to be happy to hear the pastor preach on what I asked God. I would ask Him then wait for the Word to come across the pulpit with an explanation so I could understand it. Now, God has answered. Someone has already written out my questions and answered them. Now I can pull on the pastor for other information. My mind has opened up in a way that I never knew. I thought that I was doing good but this study bi me has taken me higher. Deeper. Another level.

All from just obeying and buying another type of Bible. That alone lets me know that I have matured in the Lord. That alone lets me know that God has answered me once again in allowing me to get closer to Him. Now I can read with understanding what it was like during his time on earth without having to look online or use multiple tools to seek Him out. I have already called my new Bible my online Bible.

My new Bible is thicker an fuller. Another key sign of maturing because as we grow from elementary to high school to college, so did the books. They became thicker and heavier. College books cost more and had a lot more information in them.

I thank God that he used the prophet to tell us to go get a new Bible. The prophet would not have us ignorant. Where he is taking us he is preparing us.

Lord I love you for all that you have done. I thank you for your man of God that you have placed over my life to lead and guide me. I thank you for wanting to give me your knowledge and understanding and wisdom.

Lord, I thank you and worship you and praise you. All of this will last because I do it all through Jesus, in His mighty name, Jesus Christ, amen.

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